Chocolate Labradors die earlier and have more ear and skin conditions

Chocolate-coloured Labrador retrievers have, on average, 10% shorter lives than black or yellow Labradors, and are more likely to suffer ear infections and skin diseases, according to a study of the veterinary records of more than 33,320 Labrador retrievers in the UK. For this study, researchers analysed the data in our sister program, VetCompass at the Royal Veterinary College in London. 
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VetCompass Australia: A National Big Data Collection System for Veterinary Science


VetCompass Australia is veterinary medical records-based research coordinated with the global VetCompass endeavor to maximize its quality and effectiveness for Australian companion animals (cats, dogs, and horses). Bringing together all seven Australian veterinary schools, it is the first nationwide surveillance system collating clinical records on companion-animal diseases and treatments. VetCompass data service collects and aggregates real-time, clinical records for researchers to interrogate, delivering sustainable and cost-effective access to data from hundreds of veterinary practitioners nationwide. Analysis of these clinical records will reveal geographical and temporal trends in the prevalence of inherited and acquired diseases, identify frequently prescribed treatments, revolutionize clinical auditing, help the veterinary profession to rank research priorities, and assure evidence-based companion-animal curricula in veterinary schools. 
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Risk factors for underweight and overweight in cats in metropolitan Sydney, Australia

Take a sneak peak at the sort of research that we will be able to do using VetCompass Australia data. Looking at the cat records for one Sydney clinic, The Chatswood Cat Palace, a team of researchers, lead by Kendy Teng, has made some interesting discoveries.
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New poster and flyer


Take a look at our new poster and brochure. These are ready to be sent out to our wonderful participating practices[/about-us/participating-practices/].            
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ANZCVS Science Week


Thanks to ANZCVS VetCompass Australia is at the 2017 College Science Week Scientific Conference. We will be here all week, ready to talk to you about VetCompass Australia and answer any questions you have.
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AVA Conference 2017


VetCompass Australia will be at the 2017 AVA Conference from 4-9 June. Come and visit us at the AVA stand in the Exhibition Hall. We thank the AVA for this excellent opportunity to talk to delegates about VetCompass Australia.
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